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2021 Session 1 : Generalized coloring numbers and friends

The topic of the workshop are Generalized Coloring Numbers: weak and strong coloring numbers, admissibility, centered colorings, low treedepth colorings, connections between these concepts and the notions of bounded expansion and of nowhere denseness, and closely related subjects. We believe that there is a number of very concrete questions that remain open in this area, for instance regarding tight asymptotics of relations between respective parameters. The goal of the workshop would be to identify some of those questions and approach them together or in subgroups.


Workshop dates

February 22-26, 2021



deadline: February 10 (CLOSED)

Confirmed participants

(last update: February 11)

  • Michał Pilipczuk (organiser)
  • Piotr Micek (organiser)
  • Jakub Gajarsky
  • Patrice Ossona de Mendez
  • Yiting Jiang
  • Wojciech Nadara
  • Michał Seweryn
  • Louis Esperet
  • Lena Yuditsky
  • Andrzej Grzesik
  • Jean-Florent Raymond
  • Gwenaël Joret
  • Sebastian Siebertz
  • Mario Grobler
  • Marcin Pilipczuk
  • Jakub Przybyło
  • Alexandre Vigny
  • Zdeněk Dvořák
  • Jan Dreier
  • Marek Sokołowski
  • Miloš Stojaković
  • Marcin Briański
  • Felix Schröder
  • Jakub Pekárek
  • Jean-Sébastien Sereni
  • Roman Rabinovich
  • Torsten Ueckerdt
  • Annika Heckel
  • Nicolas Bousquet
  • François Pirot
  • Cambie Stijn
  • Tomas Kaiser
  • Wouter Cames van Batenburg

Open problems


submission by email to the organisers

deadline: February 15


1. Monday, Feb 22
  a. 2 x 1h Introduction / recollection lectures
  b. 1.5h Open problem session
  c. Partition into groups
2. Tuesday, Feb 23
  a. Update meeting (late afternoon)
3. Wednesday, Feb 24
  a. Update meeting (late afternoon)
  b. Social meeting (afterwards)
4. Thursday, Feb 25
  a. Update meeting (late afternoon)
5. Friday, Feb 26
  a. Final updates and closing remarks (early afternoon)

Research results

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