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A Sparse (Graphs) Coalition

This is a loose European-based network of researchers, formed in 2020 to stimulate research and collaboration in graph theory, particularly through remote means.

Aims and Format

The main goal of the network is, interactively, to learn, prove, conjecture in central subareas of graph theory. Subsidiary aims are to encourage active participation and mixing of diverse researchers (especially in terms of seniority, geography, expertise), to be able to respond quickly to new developments in the field, and to alleviate some of the burden of intensive research travels.

The main activities are lightweight, interactive, online sessions of a week in duration, each centred around a particular theme (problem/conjecture/method/result). Lightweight is meant to allow for flexible participation, when it is difficult to displace ongoing responsibilities. It also ensures that organisational burden is light and quick. Each event is organised by a different set of members of the network each time.


The first set of sessions were February and March of 2021. The second were in May and June of 2021. The third were in August and September. The fourth are planned for end-2021 or early-2022.

There is a subwiki listing the sessions which have taken place or are planned. There we also update references to the manuscripts directly resulting from our activities.

There is also a subwiki to describe how sessions are selected.

Members and Organisation

There is a subwiki listing the current Members.

Announcements about the network are disseminated through; please contact the coordinators to join the network or to subscribe to updates.

For technical matters regarding this wiki, contact Marcin Pilipczuk.

The network was founded by and is coordinated by Ross Kang and Jean-Sébastien Sereni. A first meeting of the organisational team took place in December 2020.

We believe that this method of working has broader scope, see Do not hesitate to contact the coordinators for advice on how to launch an “online research guild” in your own field.

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